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    At eGlu, we believe that everyone deserves the simplicity and innovation that modern technology can provide. It is why we have made it our primary goal to eliminate the financial and technical hurdles that stop individuals and businesses from reaping the benefits of smart home technology. We are always excited to help you turn your space into a smart space; to reduce the complex tasks into simple ones so that you can spend time doing what matters most.

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    eGlu Smart Home Solutions is a IoT focused technology development company which began its journey in 2013. With our main office at Bangalore, all of our products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the city itself. We have engineered and perfected the US and India patented RF technology used in our products and our company is backed by reputed investors like Foxconn (makers of Iphone).

    We always believe that the benefits of smart automation technology should not be something inaccessible to the average Jane or Joe. While the existing smart home solutions continue to be more and more complicated, time-consuming, and expensive, we are eager to build innovative products that are personal, scalable, and simpler.

    We are proud to have designed and delivered 30 smart home products under our brand, available in more than 23 states of the nation and in the UAE. We have been collaborating with more and more distributors, architects, and real estate developers to meet our goal of innovative smart home automation come true.


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