How home automation can help you with daily tasks

Busy schedules and hectic lifestyles have left our lives extremely hard-pressed for time. After a day’s hard work, we often feel like lazing around on the sofa instead of doing mundane tasks like adjusting the thermostat on a cold day or searching for the AC remote on a hot summer evening?

If this sounds familiar, then you are definitely in need for a smart home automation solution that allows you to simplify your daily life, increase home security, and save time without having to worry about the little tasks.


Wondering how home automation works, and how can it help you with your daily tasks?

The idea of a smart system is no longer about just asking Siri or Alexa to give you updates or tell you the weather forecast. With technology infusing itself in every sphere of life, you can now use smart devices to vacuum floors or turn the lights off in the kitchen while you’re watching a movie in the living room.

Home automation is, in fact, a concept-driven by the idea of smart homes. It gives you complete access to be able to easily control the electronic devices in your home from a smartphone/mobile device anywhere in the world.

The Indian Smart Home market may be relatively nascent at this stage, with a projected size of only 4.2 million US dollars in 2019, but it is projected to grow at an annual rate of more than 40% between 2019 and 2023.

Technically speaking, home automation systems are based on IoT (Internet of Things), and are made up of three elements mainly-

  • A hub
  • A smart device
  • A connected application

While the term home automation is often associated with isolated programmable devices such as sprinkler systems, smart plugs, and thermostats, in actuality, however, it describes homes in which all devices, including appliances, lights, heating and cooling systems, etc., are linked to give you complete control to set preferences and manage them remotely.

5 Ways Home Automation can Help with Daily Tasks

1. Managing home security

Home automation security systems are designed to make your life safer. When you are away from your place for an extended period of time, the system allows you to schedule the lights to switch on at night to give the illusion that you are at home, thus deterring thieves from breaking in. 

Alternatively, you can schedule the system to monitor your home and alert the neighbors in case of any visible threat. There are also auto alerts in your security system which will immediately go to your smart device and let you know that there’s a problem at home instantly.

2. Everyday tasks

smart home can not only relieve the worry of collecting deliveries, but it can help you save electricity as well. Going on a long vacation with your family and forgetting to switch off the refrigerator or a fan is an innocuous thing that happens occasionally. However, it does cost you quite a significant expense in terms of the electricity bill.

With top-notch smart home security, such as the one from eGlu’s, you can get alerts if any switches in your house are left turned on by mistake. Not only can you avoid a truckload of stress, but you can also save on the electricity bill.

3. The Tension of Theft while You are Away

With a robust home automation system, you can easily schedule everyday tasks such as opening & closing of doors, windows, and exits/entries to your home, watering the garden, tuning in to your favourite channel, managing smart refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, setting the room temperature to a comfortable level (so you can sleep comfortably through the night), turning on the geyser in the morning, among a whole host of other things.

The main idea behind such an automation system is not just to automate routine tasks but also to allow you to conveniently control them even when you are not physically present in the house.

4. Water & Energy meters

The smart home industry has seen a significant rise in innovative systems being designed and managed by home automation. One of the excellent examples of this is energy and water meters. 

The fact that unlike electricity water has no alternative source makes the scarcity of water one of the biggest and most real threats for future generations as well as the current one. Water & energy meters are designed to easily and automatically monitor the consumption of water and detect leakages. They also allow you to shut off the water supply from anywhere in the world and prevent wastage as well as damage to the property.

5. Entertainment items

Now, you can enjoy the luxury of incredible entertainment as home automation system give you complete control over all your entertainment pieces, including speakers, smart TVs, and film pro.

6. Other tasks

Your smart home automation system can perform various other tasks, including-

  • Feeding the pets at a scheduled time with a preset amount of food
  • Lighting that is mood-based
  • Programming the television so the children can watch it at fixed timings only
  • Automatic lighting of passageways and other such areas when it’s dark out

Parting thoughts

Home automation serves the dual purpose of making your lives easier and reducing energy waste. It is a revolutionary system that can help you save a substantial amount of money on utility bills every month by automatically lowering the thermostat or turning off the lights, etc.

The choice of using a home automation system as either a convenient fix to do the everyday monotonous tasks or for building an entirely automated home life is completely up to you. The only fact that remains is that almost everyone can benefit from home automation as it offers endless possibilities, allowing you to make optimum use of energy, all the while enjoying an extremely convenient lifestyle.

If you’re also looking for smart home automation solutions, eGlu is an excellent platform that provides multiple benefits such as comfort, security, and energy savings to homeowners. With eGlu, you can enjoy the convenience of connecting all your devices wirelessly to the Internet and controlling them remotely from anywhere, anytime.

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