• Save energy the smart way

    eGlu’s smart home solutions optimize energy consumption by constantly keeping track of your energy expenditure, scheduling tasks, and learning usage patterns.

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  • Save money by optimizing energy consumption

    Energy Saving Upto 80% 45% 35% 25% 15%

    Schedule smart home routines

    Do you forget to turn off appliances when you leave home for office? Create daily smart-home routines and schedules to turn on or off high power consumption devices automatically, even when you are away from home.

    Track and analyse energy consumption

    Appliances like gaming consoles, standby coffee makers, satellite boxes, and others consume energy even when not actively in use. Using the eGlu App, you can monitor and control the energy usage of such home appliances and optimize consumption.

    Smart lighting and temperature control

    Set up timers, motion detectors, and dimmers to turn lights on and off whenever needed. eGlu can integrate with automated heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems to track the room temperature at home and adjust it depending on whether the home is occupied or not.

    How home automation can help you with daily tasks

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    The Best Ways to Build a Smart Home

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