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    eGlu’s smart home security systems are engineered to not just record security issues but to also safeguard your home and loved ones by proactively responding to any unusual activities.

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  • Smart solutions for your smart home

    Lock your home doors from anywhere

    Forgot to lock your door? eGlu smart home door controls let you lock doors and windows, close garages, or shut down your home appliances remotely. Furthermore, our geo-sensors can be set up to automatically initiate all these when you leave your home.


    Intelligent security alerts and alarms

    Old-school security systems are only helpful for surveillance. eGlu’s smart security systems can detect unusual activities early and send alerts to you quickly. Always stay one step ahead and take the necessary actions faster. Smart security systems can keep your assets and loved ones safe.


    Better security with smart sensors

    eGlu smart sensors strengthen the security system and allow you to monitor and detect any potential security risks. Door sensors, gas leak detectors, outdoor security, and panic alarms are some of the many smart sensors and triggers built by eGlu to respond automatically on sensing any unusual activities.


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    Smart Home Automation is the future, and why it’s time to join the revolution.

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