• A safe space for your loved ones

    eGlu’s smart care and safety solutions can keep your loved ones safe and assist them in their day-to-day activities, without intruding into their privacy or their feeling of independence.

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  • Smart solutions for your smart home

    Making life easier for the elderly

    Using eGlu’s smart home solutions, make it simple and easy for the elderly to do their daily activities. Assist them in complex tasks and make their everyday life more convenient and safe.


    Proactive protection with smart sensors

    Deploy non-intrusive sensors throughout the home to detect risks early.Get real-time alerts in case of any unusual activities or changes in routine occur, which lets you take the necessary counteractions. 


    Make technology your parenting ally

    Use sensors and smart lighting to guide little ones on their late-night bathroom trips. Set up triggers to alert you if your child is wandering out of your house. Use your smart home solutions to give your kids an awesome playtime.


    Know when your dear ones are in trouble

    Set up a single panic button that enables your loved ones to call for help in emergencies. Receive real-time alerts, trigger alarms, close or open doors to ensure the safety of your loved ones.


    Bridging the Gap Between Smart Home Technology and You

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    Smart Home Automation is the future, and why it’s time to join the revolution.

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