eGlu Dry Contact Switch Controller

Dry Contact Switch Controller can be used to connect any third party dry contact switch into eGlu eco systems. DSCS can be installed behind the switch plate of the dry contact switch. Each DCSC can be interfaced with up to four dry contact switches and can also control the LED indication, if this option is available on the switch.

What It Controls


Dry contact touch switches


Dry contact button switches

Geepas Geepas

Can be integrated with any third party dry contact switches

Geepas Geepas

Has the provision to fit in a two-module switch box

Geepas Geepas

Retrofit to any home without altering the existing electrical wiring and interior decor


Real-time visual feedback

Receive real-time visual feedback and control from the LED indication, if it is available in the third-party dry contact switch connected.

Ultra low power consumption

The intelligent design of eGlu’s Dry Contact Switch Controller helps to save energy efficiency and also lower your energy consumption.


  • eGlu HUB
  • eGlu APP for iOS or Android

Technical Details

Parameter Details
Power Input 220-240V AC / 50 Hz
Switch Inputs 4
Operating Temperature 0ºC to 45°C
Wireless Protocol WiZN’s Glu™ (865-867MHz)
Model Number EGDC01R
SKU no EG-037-1-01-1-R
Dimensions 54 x 46 x 16 mm
Weight 30 grams
Color White

Safety Instructions

  • eGlu products are designed for indoor use only
  • They are neither waterproof nor water-resistant
  • Do not expose them to dripping or splashing of water or any other type of liquid
  • Clean eGlu products only with soft and dry cloth
  • Do not install eGlu products near heat sources such as stoves, radiators or any other appliances which generate heat
  • Only use attachments and accessories specified by the manufacturer

What’s in the box

  • eGlu Dry Contact Switch Controller
  • Quick User Guid
  • Geepas
  • Geepas
  • Geepas

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