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    A day in an eGLu Smart Home













    Wake up to a peaceful morning

    Your morning smart schedule is activated

    Your blinds will automatically open to let the sunlight in

    Play your favourite morning tunes or news

    Turn on your geyser automatically for a refreshing warm bath

    Secure home before leaving

    A single tap and your entire home is instantly secure

    All the blinds close automatically

    All electrical appliances turn off with a single click

    While you are away from home

    Get alerts if the doors, windows, or gates are opened

    Let trusted ones into your home with your mobile

    Turn on or off the light and other appliances

    Simulate your presence by turning lights on/off at intervals

    Returning home

    Your home detects your arrival and activates the ‘welcome home’ actions

    Gates automatically open when your car arrives

    The right temperature is automatically set

    Perfect lighting to give you a warm and happy welcome

    Family movie time

    ‘Smart Scene’ is activated for setting up the ambiance

    Lights dim automatically for a better experience

    Your voice commands will control all the media devices

    Forget all those remotes. eGlu app will be your single point of control

    Time for bed

    Lights dim automatically to ease you into sleep

    Each bedroom will have a different theme

    Lights turn off automatically after you fall asleep

    Motion detectors sense when you are out of bed and will turn on lights accordingly

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