eGlu Multi-Sensor Controller

Multi Sensor Controller is designed to interface with third-party sensors (glass break sensor, smoke detector, gas leak detector etc) with ‘NO/NC’ output from the sensor. It can connect up to three sensors and a 12V DC hooter.

What It Controls


Glass Break Sensor


Smoke Detectors


Gas Leak Detectors

Geepas Geepas

Connect up to any three third party wired sensors

Geepas Geepas

The device aids more security by letting you connect a DC hooter to alert you in the case of an emergency

Geepas Geepas

Can be powered by a UPS battery for backing up the sensors and hooter in case of a power failure


Easy integration and control of your sensors

eGlu Multi-Sensor Controller can be managed from smartphone or smart assistant depending on your specific needs. It is easy to connect, combine and integrate.

Endless possiblities to improve your smart home experience

eGlu Multi-Sensor Controller’s wireless technology protocol allows systems to safely integrate with the sensors and combine the multiple features offered by different devices.


  • eGlu HUB
  • eGlu APP for iOS or Android

Technical Details

Parameter Details
Power Input 12V / 2A DC
Hooter Rating 12V DC, upto 1A
Operating Temperature 0ºC to 45°C
Wireless Protocol WiZN’s Glu™ (865-867MHz)
Model Number EGSM03R
SKU no EG-038-1-07-1-R
Dimensions 54 x 46 x 16 mm
Weight 26 grams
Color White

Safety Instructions

  • eGlu products are designed for indoor use only
  • They are neither waterproof nor water-resistant
  • Do not expose them to dripping or splashing of water or any other type of liquid
  • Clean eGlu products only with soft and dry cloth
  • Do not install eGlu products near heat sources such as stoves, radiators or any other appliances which generate heat
  • Only use attachments and accessories specified by the manufacturer


  • Connecting a load higher than the specifed limit can permanently damage the device and also cause fire hazard.
  • Do not try to open eGlu products. There are no user serviceable parts inside the product. Doing so can expose you to high voltage live circuits resulting in an electric shock.

What’s in the box

  • eGlu Multi-Sensor Controller
  • Quick User Guide
  • Geepas
  • Geepas
  • Geepas

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