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  • Smart solutions for your smart home

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    • Smart Entertainment

    • Smart Energy-Saving

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    • Geepas

      Light up your world for every occasion and emotion.

      Elevate your home’s ambience with eGlu’s smart lighting solutions. Manage your lights, create color schemes for your moods or automate your lighing setup- all at the touch of a button.
    • Geepas

      Discover the movie-theatre experience at home

      eGlu’s smart home entertainment solutions provide an affordable, fully immersive home entertainment experience. Enjoy the jaw-dropping home cinema experience right at your home.
    • Geepas

      Save energy the smart way

      eGlu’s smart home solutions optimize energy consumption by constantly keeping track of your energy expenditure, scheduling tasks, and learning usage patterns.
    • Geepas

      A safe space for your dear ones

      eGlu’s smart care and safety solutions can keep your dear ones safe and assist them in their day-to-day activities, without intruding into their privacy or their feeling of independence.
    • Geepas

      Shift to the smart living experience

      eGlu’s smart home solutions improve your way of living by creating a smart home ecosystem for your enhanced living experience. Control your home devices, doors, blinds and more.
    • Geepas

      Experience the confidence of total protection

      eGlu’s smart home security systems are engineered to not just record security issues. It safeguards your home and dear ones by proactively responds to any unusual activities.

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    Smart Home Automation is the future, and why it’s time to join the revolution.

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